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"Mom's job is to dilate, Baby's job is to rotate"   ~ Gail Tully

Yes!  Baby has a big job to do during birth.  Twisting and turning, spinning and tucking to be born into your arms.  This is so important and is many times forgotten in most childbirth classes.  In fact- did you know dilating to 10cm doesn't mean you are done?  Your baby must do their work too!  That's where Spinning Babies® comes in!
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What is Spinning Babies®?
Spinning Babies® is an approach to childbirth to that focuses more on where baby is in the pelvis.  Usually the focus during birth is on the dilation of the mother.  This approach brings the baby into the equation with how the baby is positioned through the birthing process.  Spinning Babies® is NOT about turning your baby, but about the natural rotation of your baby during their birth, and how you can help them in this process.
What is the Spinning Babies® Parent Class?
The Spinning Babies® Parent Class is specifically designed to teach parents how to know what position their baby is in, the optimal way a baby needs to travel through the pelvis, and how you as the parent can help your baby come through easier.  The techniques and exercises you learn in this class lead to many people having an easier, shorter birth!  
But- my baby is head down already!
Great!  Half the work is done!  Breech babies aren't the only ones who need help getting into the best position for birth.  Learn why position matters, factors that influence it, and what you can do to help your baby be in the ideal position to start birth.  
But I already took a childbirth class!
This is NOT your usual childbirth class!  We will NOT talk about the stages of labor! 
Spinning Babies® Parent Class shows you what you can do to increase your chances for an easier birth.  Learn all about practical ways to help baby in the best position to fit the pelvis.  Also learn solutions when labor seems long, painful, or has a stall! And, if practiced daily, an easier labor and birth are likely. This class is an amazing addition to ANY childbirth method you have previously learned.  Having basic knowledge of birth is helpful, so if possible, take this class after you have taken a childbirth class.  
What will you learn in this 3 hour class?
♥ Basic anatomy of the pelvis and how it affects your birth
♥ Daily Essentials exercises
♥ How to Rest Smart and Move Smart for fetal positioning
♥ How to balance your body for birth
​♥ The Stages of the Pelvis
♥ Variations of labor patterns.  What they might mean and what you can do for them.
When should I take the Spinning Babies® Parent class?
Anytime!  It is best taken after about 20 weeks, but could be taken as early as 16 weeks.  You really need to have a little bit of a baby bump to benefit from the exercises and techniques we do.  It is also best that you give yourself time to practice the techniques daily prior to your baby being born, so ideally before 38 weeks.  The ideal time to start is between 20-34 weeks, but if you are on the earlier or later end, please come anyways!  You will definitely find information that is useful for your birth!
Will I get something to help me remember the techniques?
YES!  After the class you will receive an e-book with lots of info in it about everything we talk about in class.  Don't worry about taking notes!  Just come, absorb, and know you will get the e-book afterwards.
Upcoming Classes
Spinning Babies® Parent Class
9:00am - 12:00pm
Precision Chiropractic
1699 S. 14th Street, Unit 18
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
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