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Client Testimonials


One of my favorite aspects of being a doula is the amazing bonds and friendships that I make throughout my journey.  I'm touched by the lives of these growing families and forever grateful that they allow me to play a role in this beautiful moment in time.

Happy they hired a birth doula
Anais J.


Rebecca was such a blessing! My husband and I don't have family in Jacksonville, Becca was our rock during my pregnancy and labor. Becca is absolutely amazing and I couldn't have done it without her guidance and support. Becca was by our side while I labored at home and then at the hospital. She made sure my husband and I were focused on us and our labor and she took care of everything else. We are so grateful for Becca and we can't wait to use her services again!


Happy their mommy hired a birth doula!
Wendy G.


I wanted to take a minute to share my birth experience with Rebecca Mckinney as my doula. Rebecca and I had met in person several times while I was pregnant to get to know each other. I was expecting twins, and I knew that my goal was to deliver them the "old fashioned" way, and Rebecca was VERY supportive. I also knew that I would be going into my delivery experience anticipating having the epidural administered, and she was supportive of that too! She was right there with me every step of the way during my labor process and she was extremely supportive of my feelings and decisions before, during, and after my delivery. I recommend Rebecca to anyone looking to seek the support of a doula. You will not only gain another support system during your delivery, but also potentially a dear friend for life!

Happy they hired a birth doula and used HypnoBirthing
Jennifer N.


Rebecca is an amazing doula!! She stood by me for a marathon length labor and was a continuous support for me through my entire pregnancy. She was just what I needed her to be every step of the way and was a wonderful support person for my husband as well. It is as if this woman has ESP for someone in labor!!I firmly believe that having her present for my birth was instrumental in avoiding a second c section. I will forever be grateful to have such a strong and knowledgable support person there for the entire process and I can confidently say that she played a vital role in helping me achieve my wonderful VBAC birth. Thank you, Rebecca!! You are now a part of our family!!!

Shelley B.


My experience of pregnancy and preparation to be a mother is a little different than most women; I have had a serious fear of child birth ever since I was young. I knew I wanted to be a mother one day, but the rumors of pain and horrible experiences shared throughout the years simply made me never want to face it myself! Needless to say my husband and I finally decided to start our family and I spent almost 9 months dreading the day(s) of "pain." A few weeks before I was due, I started to hear about "doulas," and thanks to God's perfect plan I ended up running into Rebecca who literally changed my entire birthing experience. She motivated me, showed me multiple exercises, practiced breathing and visualizations with me, and simply comforted me. Her presence alone literally made everything better; her voice is soothing for those who are doing hypnobirthing like I did, and she is SO supportive of what you are wanting.My labor and delivery from the time my water broke, to the time my son arrived into this world was only 9 hours and 15 minutes. Because I had Group B, the doctors wanted to give me pitocin since my water broke and contractions had not started, but Rebecca had me do exercises that got me to dilate from 3 to 6 and shortly after to 8. My doctor barely even made it in on time because she couldn't believe I progressed so fast. Not only was I able to stay away from pitocin, but I ended up doing the entire birth naturally because I simply didn't need the epidural. We found the perfect position for me to labor in which almost eliminated all "pain" in the front. Rebecca massaged the back labor out for hours, making everything extremely tolerable. Her knowledge and coaching was so helpful to my husband as well, making him the perfect coach! Birth was SO much easier than I thought and it is all thanks to Rebecca. Everyone should have a doula- I HIGHLY RECOMMEND REBECCA!!!!

Happy they hired a birth doula
Christen C.


Rebecca was a saving grace during my labor. I had never even heard of a doula and was only using her for placenta encapsulation. When she explained what a doula is and does my husband and I were all for it. My first pregnancy the doctor didn't believe I was in labor and since doulas are advocates for the parents we didn't want a repeat. During the labor there was a point I was standing for two hours while she did hip compressions through the contractions. If she hadnt been there I would have needed medications a lot sooner. Another part during the labor the doctor used the word "concerning". Rebecca reassured us there was nothing concerning going on (I had been in labor for awhile with no further dilation). Rebecca went above and beyond for me (and my husband) and it was such a personal and close experience that I plan on staying in touch with her. I also would love to get the news involved to get awareness out there about doulas.

Happy they hired a birth doula
Jennifer H.


Rebecca is an amazing doula! I knew from the start of my second pregnancy that I wanted a non-medicated birth with none to little medical intervention. During my pregnancy we had so much going on that I hadn't had time prepare for my natural childbirth. I contacted Becca in the later part of my pregnancy and she was more than willing to take me on last minute! It started there, Becca will bend over backwards for anything you need from her! When I was in early labor she was always at the other end of the phone when I texted or called with updates and questions. She was getting just as excited as we were! When labor was starting, Becca started out with us at home and was there every step of the way until after our son was born at the hospital. She played a HUGE role during my labor and delivery. Was always right by my side doing whatever I needed at that moment. I can honestly say she helped me achieve my goal of natural childbirth and for that I am so grateful!! Thank you again for being part of our son's birth, Becca!

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