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If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.   ~ John H. Kennell, MD
Every woman deserves a doula!
How I intend to enhance your birth experience:

So you're pregnant - Now what?

You have celebrated, confirmed your pregnancy with your doctor, but you're not sure what to expect now.  Your joy may be just a little bit tempered by your concerns; you have so many questions and expect many more throughout your pregnancy. There are tons of books out there filled with advice, and family members and friends will have overwhelming amounts of conflicting advice. Your doctors can give you medical advise but what about all the rest of it?  If you are looking for a guide who can give you personalized one-on-one care beyond the medical issues and do it on your schedule and as you need it throughout your pregnancy and beyond, then a doula is the solution!

Every woman deserves to have a doula.  Whether you're a first time mom who's a bit overwhelmed and maybe a little scared, or a second time mom who may have had complications the first time around or just wants to be pampered.  I will help you find your way through the uncertainty of pregnancy.  I will be your advocate and your advisor.  I will help you find your way through all of the conflicting information and help you make your own decisions.  I will take over when you want me to run things for you and I will step back when you don't.  I will be on your side through all of this and I will help you face and overcome any of the concerns you will have during your pregnancy.  

Even if your partner is supportive and involved, you can both benefit from my services.  As a trained birth coach, I am able to recognize needs that you may have before your partner does.  I'm able to inform and comfort you both so that together you can make the best decisions for your family.  Dads need support during the birth experience too, and I will be there to give him a break when he needs one and provide him with the tools he needs to be the most supportive partner he can be.  

You're going to get all kinds of advice, and sometimes even your doctor will suggest things that you may not have to do or want to do.  I can't give medical advice, but I can help you sort through all of the information.  Unobtrusive, compassionate, and experienced support throughout labor is what I will provide for you.


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